Geri Anasayfa


Fan Literature as a Neglected Field in Literature Criticism and Analysis and a Sample: Gördüm

Culture hypothesis usually provide for three important fields as folk culture, populace culture and senior culture. The principal characteristics of artworks can’t be denied the relationship with these cultural fields. Literature and literary works as a branch of art which its material is language, have been formed in according to the dynamics of these cultural fields. While public literature in order to carrying folk value and canonical literary works in order to carrying esthetical value are come into focus in literature criticism and analysis, popular literary and dilettante literature works have been discussed to be accepted as “lower literature” on account of the fact that having been formed as popular concern and regard. Neither folk nor popular and senior/esthetical literary works have been tried to deal in this work in respect of its general characteristics. The first writing experience of the authors (juveniles), anomalous periodic (fanzines) or the works which were written with amateur efforts in provincial towns and mostly concentrated on the kinds which are read much like a novel or poem include into the field which was tried to identify as dilettante literature. After the characteristics of this field and the literary, cultural and social factors have specified these have brought into contact with, the projections of above mentioned factors in Akın Akbulut’s poem book named Gördüm have been tried to present.

sub-literature, fan literature, popular literature, fanzine, Gördüm.