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Businessman Who Donated Aircraft in Independence War: “Nafiz of Erzurum Biography and Works”

BUSİNESSMAN WHO DONATED AIRCRAFT IN INDEPENDENCE WAR: “Nafiz of Erzurum Biography and Works” Erzurumlu Nafiz Bey was born in Erzurum in 1887. Due to death of his father at early age, he was raised by his uncle. After his education he started working on commerce. After his uncle’s death, he moved to İstanbul in 1912. After the invasion in WWI he moved to Ankara. He dealt with commerce in İstanbul and Ankara. He made a good fortune out of it. After the broke up of Independence War, when he was in İstanbul, he sent military equipment to Anadolu. Therefore, he realized that aircraft was the primary need for the military, he donated aircraft. He presented a Lincoln to Mustafa Kemal Pasha. After Independence War, Nafiz Bey put great effort on modern Ankara as the capital. He was the constructor of many buildings other than Ankara. He had business with Russia for some time and then moved to İstanbul. At the end he went back to Erzurum and had business there. Nafiz Bey, who had great contribution to his Nation, died of diabetics in 1946.

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