Geri Anasayfa


Orhan Pamuk’s Heroes Looking for Writing in a Postmodern Labyrinth

Orhan Pamuk’s The Black Book and The New Life works, which are considered in the context of postmodernism, constitute one of the most important periods of his novel writing career. These works, which increased the writer’s popularity both in Turkey and in the world, are shown among avant-garde examples of postmodern novels in Turkey. In these texts resembling a postmodern labyrinth, at the centre of narration: there are basically attempts of two writer appliers who are looking for writing, inspiration, literature to attain writing/to be a writer. By means of these features both The Black Book and The New Life resemble a novel genre which named as “Künstlernovel” in German literature and establishes self-actualization process of a craftsman at the centre of narration. Likewise this pursuit of meaning corresponding to process of “attainment to writing” and “being a writer” of main character in both The Black Book and The New Life takes place at the centre of narration and determines all novel elements from fiction to theme, from time to place, from narration techniques to point of view.

The Black Book, The New Life, Postmodernism, Attain to Writing, Künstlernovel