Geri Anasayfa


Uzbek Proverbs in Verse Harmony

Proverbs is a short, concise and streotyped statement as a canon consisted of anonymity features and ancestral view of observations, experiences, common ideas, attitudes and behaviours acquired for centuries. Most of the language structures of different social groups have proverbs. In terms of expression, the proverbs do not have to be in verse form. In spite of this unnecessity, a very significant part of the proverbs of Uzbeks are in verse. Therefore, because of this feature, it is seen that these provebs are in harmony. The harmony of proverbs of Uzbeks can not be analyzed in the proverbs of other social groups or if it can be, they are not so outstanding as in the proverbs of Uzbeks. The main features of the proverbs in the Uzbek harmony are sound, words and expressions with repeated onomatopoeias and sound waves. The socalled fetures of harmony display that Uzbeks have a remarkable literary understanding and musical taste.

Uzbek proverbs, rhythm, rhythmical properties.