Geri Anasayfa


A Study of Comparison between the Novels Bab-ı Esrar and Aşk

In a literature of a nation sometimes writers living in the same or different ages might write novels narrating some common issues. Bab-ı Esrar and Aşk are novels of this kind. In both novels the relation between Mawlana and Shams-e Tabrizi is narrated even if it is written in different levels. This article aims to examine how the two novels have similar or different aspects about this issue and to discuss how two different novels emerged from a common topic. In respect to this examination structural elements and the features of the contents of the novels are compared and based on this comparison some conclusions are derived. Lastly the reasons of the different paths of the novels despite a common issue are explained.

Bab-ı Esrar (The Door of Secrets), Aşk (Love), Ahmet Ümit, Elif Şafak.