Geri Anasayfa


Reflections of Germany Migration to the Yüksel Pazarkaya’s Story Book Oturma İzni by Its Socio-Economic Aspects

Yüksel Pazarkaya’s story book Oturma İzni, published in 1977, presents realistic scenes from the Turkish migration to Germany and Germany lives of first generation Turks by its social, economic, cultural, psychological aspects. In Oturma İzni it is especially focused that the socio-economic aspect of Germany migration which bears first of all, the characteristics of Labor Migration and the basis of which relays upon economic reasons. In the story book, the economic reasons of Germany migration, the socio-economic conditions of first generation Turkish migrants and their socio-economic status in Germany reflected in the frames both the Turkey and Germany realities. In this work, the reflections of Germany migration by its socio-economic aspects and socio-economic reality of first generation Turkish migrants to the story book of Oturma İzni are being analyzed.

Yüksel Pazarkaya, Oturma İzni, Germany, migration, first generation Turks.