Geri Anasayfa


A General Outlook Upon Classical Period Ottoman Siyasetname Tradition

Siyasetnâmes include information and admonitions about political and state administration. They are works of art that give admonitions and inspirations to the rulers and statesmen on how to administrate the state better. They include information about the political, social and economical structures of their times. Siyasetnâmes are very important sources because they reflect the administrative concept and value of their times. Ottoman Empire , having a strong background of state tradition, has a very rich siyasetnâme tradition. In this study, the effects of siyasetnâme tradition upon Ottoman literature that incluses XIV. and XVI. centuries , known as classical period, are analyzed. Also, in this study, the copyrigt and interpretation siyasetnâmes written in this period are analyzed and information about general aspects of these siyasetnâmes are given.

Siyasetnâme, Manuscribts, Otoman Empire, Information and Document Menagement