Geri Anasayfa


An Element of Beloved’s Beauty, Hair, and Its Effect on Lover

There is always beloved in the center of all the issues described in the Divan poetry. The adventure between beloved and lover never ends. The beauty of the beloved is talked from mouth to mouth. The most important feature in beloved is hair as it is the first striking element. This importance of hair, the most emphasized the element of beauty in beloved, stems from that it increases the beauty of the face further. Hair has a property affecting lover very much and binding lover to beloved. Hair is seen in the characteristics of suffering at the same time attracting to the lover. Hair has a beauty for lovers inescapable of being caught, being affined to. Lovers are seen both to wish to affine to hair and to complain to do so. In this article, after referring to hair in general similes, metaphors and imaginations exposing its effect on the lover are tried to be presented collectively

Beloved, lover, beauty, hair, Divan Poetry