Geri Anasayfa


The Fiction Structure in Uhuvvet by Selma Rıza

Selma Rıza who is one of the first woman journalist of Tanzimat period. She wrote Uhuvvet novel in 1897. This novel met with its readers about a hundred years later. It is one of the leading novels which is give place to womens rights issue. The novel evaluates to social life that is change with coincidental effect of Tanzimat and it makes this evaluation in axis of the family and women. Uhuvvet is a period novel and it is worthy of study in terms of both structure and theme. The writer connects social enlinghtement to womens education and their equality with men. She processes this subject in a tragic story. In this study, Uhuvvet is studied to evaluated in terms of novel technique also subject, fiction, content, people, narrator, time and space.

Tanzimat period, woman and education, concubinage/ odalisque, novel, fiction, space.