Geri Anasayfa


The Factors That Lead Namık Kemal to Victor Hugo

In terms of or literary history, Tanzimat literature has a special place. This, undoubtedly, is resulted form its being the beginning of modernization process. However, there is another important and distinctive feature of the artists of that period. That is their approach style to literature. Şinasi, Kemal, Hamid, Ekrem and others regarded literature not only to produce literature, to produce an art work and to create a new literature against classical approach but also to support Tanzimat Movement that was newly born through literature, to contribute to that social transformation project both as an intellectual and an artist. One of the ones who fulfilled this was Namık Kemal. Our poet performed that by following French poet Victor Hugo whom he saw mainly as a master and model. While Hugo was the opening of a new literature for art and literature for him, in terms of his ideas about society and social order that we mention he had been the source of social transformation. In this respect, the ideas of Hugo that he supported in his works, especially in his drama, was followed with great interest and attention by Kemal. In this study, in this context, the factors that lead Kemal to Hugo will be tried to be asserted.

N.Kemal, V.Hugo, Tanzimat Literature, Romanticism, New Turkish Literature