Geri Anasayfa


"Self" and "Other" İmages in Kazakh Poet Mağcan Cumabayev's Poems

In literature it is a common endeavor to search for national or foreign identity and to find out how it is reflected in people’s minds. This kind of researches about image was included in the field of comparative literature studies. After Hugo Dyserinck published his article titled as “Zum Problem der ‘images’ und ‘mirages’ und ihre Untersuchung im Rahmen der Vergleichenden Literaturwissenschaft” in 1966, these researches gained independence and became a branch of science itself. Mağcan Cumabayoğlu (1893-1938), who wrote Turkish nationalist poems, is a famous Kazakh poet. In his poems the problems and wishes of Turks who were under the ruling of Russia are described. In some of these poems he talks about Turks all around the world. He called to Turks in Turkey by his poem “Alıstağı Bavrıma (To my Brother Far Away)”, which he wrote in 1920 and shared the feelings of the Turks, who were having an independence war against the allies of World War I at that time. He was shot in one of Stalin’s slaughters in 1938. In this article the images about “self” and “other” in his poems are depicted. It is questioned how a nationalist Kazakh poet reflects the notions “self” and “other” to his poems.

“self” and “other” image, Mağcan Cumabayoğlu, Kazakh Literature, Poem.