Geri Anasayfa


Karabük’s First Publication: Karabük Magazine

Karabük besides the first heavy endüstrial city also due to the press life has been advanced. Press Works in Karabük has began in 1944 with the publishing and twelve issue continue magazine which named Karabük. Karabük Magazine which has been published monthly, has pursued an aim to introduce the Karabük where has rich folklore and culture. It has given to inform in connection with first of all history, city’s folklore, culture and literature. This writings to take part in Karabük News, Technique Knowledges, History and Archaeology, Etnography, Mythology, Literature, Biography, Between the Boks, Folk Literature, Popular Science(Folklore), Memories of Heroism, Amusing Nook, Knowledges of Curious and Teacher Nook.

Karabük, Press, Magazine, Sadi Yaver Ataman.