Geri Anasayfa


Grip Losers Surrounded by Loneliness and Death in Halit Ziya Novels

The concept Grip Losers in our literature is used with inspiration from the Oğuz Atay Novel of the same name and represents the lonely unhappy hero(es) of mainly modern novel that cannot harmonize with society in some aspects or at all. Even though it is deemed to be a character arising out of modernist novel, it is possible to encounter similar novel heroes in Turkish Literature before modernist works have been composed. In Halit Ziya’s novels Nemide (Nemide), Mai ve Siyah (Blue and Black), Aşk-Memnû (Forbidden Love), we see heroes with social lives mostly limited to family have dense emotional crises, partially far from intellectual crisis. Especially, Nemide, Ahmet Cemil, Nihal and Bihter who lost one of their close relatives in early stages of their lives became lonelier day by day, had platonic loves and then faced the idea of death, or even death itself. When we look into unhappiness of these heroes, loneliness appears to be the most basic problem. It is no doubt the suppressed unhappiness of single parent families is the main factor leading to this emotional situation. Marriage and the idea of marriage made loneliness of the heroes even more traumatic. This article discusses the reasons that lead these novel heroes to loneliness, idea of death and to death itself, reasons that make them the “Grip Losers” of own time and evaluates similarities in these processes.

Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil, novel, loneliness, death.