Geri Anasayfa


Everydayness-Historicity Concepts and the Novel A Midday in the Newcity

One of the properties which make people human is his historical being. In short terms historicity means being in a dialectic/critical relationship with the three dimensions of the time which are formed of past, now, and future; taking over and passing on. But everydayness means loosing ones history and taking cognizance of nothing except for his interests and stakes. In other words, historicity is mindfulness with in the bounds of humanity while everydayness is indifference. In this text, at first the concepts of everydayness-historicity were tried to be identified then the novel “a midday in the Newcity” which reveals everydayness was studied.

Everydayness-historicity, apathy, A Midday in the Newcity, Sevgi Soysal.