Geri Anasayfa


Distribution of Plateaus in The Province of Muş

Plateaus in Turkey are the areas of seasonal life and economic activities of the population groups living in different settlements. The word plateau in almost every region of Turkey means a cool place to go up and enjoy in summer, a summer residence on the mountain or a summer pasture. 60% of the land use value in the Eastern Anatolia Region consists of meadow and pasture areas. 40% of the province of Muş in the Upper Murat section in the region consists of meadow and pasture areas. 46% of the land size in terms of land use value is composed of meadow and pasture areas. Transhumance activities in the province of Muş are examined in four areas. The Şerafettin Mountains located at the boundary of Bingöl-Muş in the east Bingöl in the north, Bingöl and Akdoğan mountains on the border of Muş and Erzurum, and the plateaus on the Karaçavuş Mountain included within the Muş south mountainous area in Otluk in the north of the central district of Muş and on the border of the province of Diyarbakır and Batman correspond to the areas where transhumance activities have clustered. From the hydrographical point of view, the area corresponding to the catchment basin of the river Murat and its tributaries has abundant water resources and the lake formations of circus and volcanic origin correspond to the important reserve areas of and its tributaries. The plateau areas are concentrated in the Varto, Bulanık and Central districts where both the elevation and the number of small cattle are high. In these districts, 81% of small cattle presence of the province of Muş is raised. Another importance of the plateaus of the province of Muş is the fact that they are located on the transit route of the Erzurum-Kars plateaus that have the most important transhumance potential in Turkey. Due to the decrease in the presence of small cattle in the province of Muş, plateau livestock has started to replace the bovine and pasture livestock in the districts of Bulanık, Malazgirt, Korkut and Hasköy.

Muş, plateaus, transhumance, mountainous areas, breeding