Geri Anasayfa



Today, traineeship is given to all individuals as a constitutional right. While education is given to the ordinary individuals in state schools free, special training whose expenses are paid by the government is given to the special, that is, disabled individuals in rehabilitation centers. For the fact that the number of special education trainers is inadequate, some certification programs are held for teachers that graduated from other disciplines, especially the graduates from elementary and pre-school departments, by the ministry of national education in order to supply the need of educators. The trainers that own this type of certificate have the right of working in rehabilitation centres. It is aimed in this study to detect the opinions of elementary and pre-school teachers working in rehabilitation centres about their institutions. The study that was conducted in survey model was carried out with the participation of 25 teachers that was determined via convenient sampling among purposive sampling models. The data collection of the study consists of two stages. In the first stage, a personal information protocol was used and in the second stage, a semi-structured interview protocol developed by the researcher and consisting of 5 open-ended questions was used as data collection tools. The participants were asked to answer the questions in a written form. In the analysis of the obtained data, descriptive analysis was used. As a result of the study, most of the participants stated as negative opinions that they had to start working in rehabilitation centers because they weren’t able to be appointed, the working conditions of the rehabilitation centers were hard and backbreaking, the wages were not sufficient compared to the workload and they couldn’t spare enough time for themselves because of their work. In addition to these negative opinions, the participants stated as positive opinions that working in rehabilitation centers improved themselves, they had the opportunity to know a different field, they gained awareness towards the individuals with special needs.

rehabilitation centres, elementary school teacher, pre-school training teacher, opinion