Geri Anasayfa


Perceptions Of Trainee Teachers In Relation To Source Of Violence

Nowadays, it can be said that the cycle of the violence causing (turning into) one of the main problems in social life bases on many reasons. The violence does not only contribute to one of the main problems in the developing countries but also to one of the main problems in the developed countries. Especially, the schools’ becoming the target of the violence in the developed countries requires to make vital and urgent precautions. It has been observed that the difference in expressing and defining the perception of the violence conceptually prevent arriving at a common decision (arriving at a consensus) in determining the level and degree of violence. Up to date, It can be said that the effects of the fact (the phenomenon), of violence becoming a social problem in the field of education prevents, seriously, the growth of the individuals. In that context ( in this connection), the study has been carried out to determine the perception of trainee teachers about the causes of the violence. The participants of the study consist of the senior class students who study at Dicle University in departments of Ziya Gökalp educational faculty, Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish , English, German, French, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History and Fine Arts. The main reason of our choosing the senior class students at university is their obtaining perception of violence based-on the observations during the time in which they have worked at schools. The questionnaire developed by Gündoğdu, Koçyiğit and Bay (2011), is used in the study to gain the data. Just only family, media and technology , out of six dimensions, have been taken into account on the causes of the violence. As total, 298 trainee teachers participated in the questionnaire. It has been made use of descriptive statistics, in analyzing the data obtained of the questionnaire. The percentage , frequency, arithmetic mean, standard deviation are used to analyze the data in the questionnaire. The level of the phenomenon of the violence and its form of being perceived according to the variables; It is aimed at defining the distribution as for family, trainee teachers, media and technology.

Violence, trainee teacher, teaching practice