Geri Anasayfa


Relation between the innovative personality traits of the staff in public services and their turnover intention: An application on the administrative and security personnel in security services

Recently, number of studies on human capital in public services have been increasing. The effective use of human capital brings about the effective use of public resources while increasing the quality of the service provided. Innovation and intention to leave are two important concepts that play a role in the effective use of human capital in public institutions. Although there have been studies on innovative personality traits and turnover intention in the literature, there are not enough studies related to these two concepts. Therefore, the aim of this study is to examine the relationship between the security and administrative personnel's personality characteristics and the turnover intention. The population of the study consisted of 401 security personnel who participated in the research in the first month of 2019, according to the volunteerism procedure of the sample of the personnel working in the units affiliated to the Tunceli Provincial Gendarmerie Command and the administrative units. According to the results of the study, innovative personality dimensions and turnover intention scores did not differ significantly according to age, education level, occupational experience, marital status and task types (p> 0.05). According to the results of the correlation analysis, idea leadership (r = 0.432; p <0.01), resistance to change (r = 0.421; p <0.01), risk taking (r = 0.345; p <0.01) and total innovative personality scores with the turnover intention (r = 0.558; p <0.01) were found to be statistically significant and positively correlated. Therefore, the increase in the level of innovative personality increases the turnover intention of personnel.

Security services, Turnover intention, Individual innovative personality