Geri Anasayfa


Internet of Things in Digital Marketing: Wearable Technologies

As the marketing world tries to reach mobile users, a wearable technology market has emerged which will make things even more complicated. This market will lead marketing world to big innovation investements and it will make compulsory marketing strategies be changed and developed in this field. It is predicted that the biggest change in marketing will be in the field of e-marketing. The great breakthrough and development in the wearable technology market allows marketing professionals to conduct more research on the subject. It becomes clear that wearable technologies can more effectively use communication tools such as notifications or e-mails when marketing researchers conduct digital marketing research to be delivered to users. It is obvious that wearable technology tools, which currently do not provide simultaneous monitoring, are likely to provide users with simultaneous access to data such as health, sports and entertainment in the future. This ongoing evolution is not a negative situation for brands. On the contrary, if this development is evaluated in the field of marketing, contents that attract more attention of users can be prepared. This study investigated the market of wearable technology and presented suggestions on marketing academicians and marketing professionals. In this study literature research was done firstly. News about the subject has been evaluated. Although this issue is being considered in Turkey and developing new though, it attracts attracts the potential of the wearable technology market in the world. As a result of this study, it is suggested that the studies to be done in the field of digital marketing be done considering the wearable technology market.

Digital marketing, wearable technologies, internet of things, marketing