Geri Anasayfa



This study has three successive aims. The first aim is to identify the problems experienced in student selection and acceptance processes for graduate education. The second aim is to develop solutions for identified problems and to carry out improvement studies in the process. The third aim examines whether the problems identified are resolved as a result of improvement efforts. In order to realize these aims, qualitative research method was used in this research. The type of research can be expressed as action research. Action research, that aim is to solve problems, has three elements. These elements are to determine the problem, to find a solution and to test the solution. At the stage of defining the problem that constitutes the first element of the action research, the researchers, acted as individuals who knew the process and the problems, benefited from the observations and interviews with the participants who stated that they were experiencing problems in the process. A new automation system was developed for the solution of the problems encountered in the process and it was aimed to improve the process. Automation system is based on open source systems and developed as web based. As a result of the process improvements in conjunction with the new automation system, the problems faced by the candidates during the application and admission process for graduate education were resolved and improvements were made in all activities in the application process. Similarly, the problems faced by the members of the jury were resolved and improvements were made in all activities conducted by the jury. In this study, the results of the process improvement studies are expressed with the results of observations and interviews in accordance with the paradigm of action research. Activities are classified as manual, user interactive or system activity and the types of activities that resulted from improvement were compared. In a process, if the system activities are more than the user interactive or manual activities, it indicates that the process will be more autonomous and the probability of error will operate in a lower way. From this point of view, all improvements in the process have been transformed from user interactive activity to system activity or from manual activity to a higher level activity.

Process management, process improvement, graduate education, information systems, action research