Geri Anasayfa


The Soul as a Reality that descended with Emanation and Ascended with Love in Plotinos

Plotinos is a philosopher who has profoundly influenced the religious, intellectual and political structure of his time. He introduced metaphysical doctrine to meet the demands of immortality, liberation, god and mystic unity in his lifetime, on the one hand, and also to the religious interests and concerns of his time, without abandoning the traditional concepts, frameworks and standards of ancient Greek rationalsm. In this metaphysical teaching, there are two types of movements, one of which descends from the Union to the multitude, and the other is the rising of love towards the Unity. The first movement provides a rational explanation of the regular nature of the living reality out of one or God, which can be called philosophical aspect of the teaching of Plotinos. The second movement is the movement of the individual human soul, living every stage of the being, the movement that reaches to the One, the principle of the universe, and unite with it and thus reach the happiness and salvation which is possible for him, the religious aspect of his doctrine. In this teaching of Plotinos the soul can be found at every stage of the existence and value hierarchy from the lowest realities to the supreme reality. Then the soul, who has the ability to transform himself into the One, to reach reality essence, is the leading actor in Plotinos' system with this privileged position.

Emanation, Theoria, Soul, Love, Salvation