Geri Anasayfa



Akhism is a tradition which provides both vocational education and commercial life, which is based on a long history. The Seljuqs and the Ottoman Empire developed, expanded and continued to exist in Anatolia. Akhism is an important institution of the professional organization of the period in which it exists. This institution consists of a synthesis of Turkish-Islamic culture. The institution of Akhism played an important role in the Ottoman Empire in the fields of trade, industry, education, culture and social. In this article, the concepts of akhism and librarianship are compared in terms of professional responsibility, ethical understanding, professional unity and organizational forms. In this study, firstly the concept of professionalism akhism, which is a tradition of civil society, has been defined as a non-governmental organization. Then, the aim, principles, traditional structure, functions of the institution and its contributions to society are briefly discussed. At the same time, the answer to the question of whether there is a librarianship profession within the institution of akhism. In the Ottoman Empire, "book" and "library" in the tradition of akhism were examined. However, the professional of librarianship did not take place in the institution of akhism. In this institution, instead of librarians, there were occupational groups such as calligraphers, bookbinders, gilding, depicting and ceiling ornaments which were associated with books and libraries. It was seen that these professions were organized as a profession before librarianship in the period of Ottomans. In this period, librarianship continued to exist as a foundation library tradition. Rather, libraries have been established with the help of the public and foundations, which can be used by people like public libraries. In this period, librarianship continued to exist as a foundation library tradition. In this study, the concept of librarianship is dealt with both professional organization, professional ethics and professional identity. In Turkey professional of librarianship in social, cultural, educational, socio-economic benefits and traditional structure, "akhism" have been discussed from the point of view of tradition. As a result of the study, it is found that there is professional responsibility, accuracy, reliability, qualified and human values, quality service and innovation in the core of the professional librarianship.

Akhism, Librarianship, Professional Organization, Professional İdentity, Professional Ethics