Geri Anasayfa



Islamophobia, which has become a movement against Islam and Muslims, defined today as the fear of Islam and has become a threat to the world at the global level. Islamophobia is used in the international arena as means to overcome the discrimination used in the domestic and foreign policies of Western countries, especially the United States. There is no standardized Islamophobia. Islamophobia practices are observed in India, Thailand, China, Europe and the United States. Although the reasons are different, the common point is that fear of Islam and ant-Islam. Islamophobia increased with the attacks of September 11, 2001 and became the center of foreign policy of Western states. Since then, Muslims in Western countries has been discriminated even if they are citizens of that country. Migrants and Muslim refugees have been targeted, excluded and marginalized in the Western world, particularly in the United States. Due to the Western policy on Islamophobia, intolerant, racist and nationalist far-right parties have emerged and gained wider in Europe. If this situation continues like this, the peace of the world will be in danger and the thesis of the clash of civilizations of Huntington will be justified. Far-right, racist movements that cause Islamophobia, which have proliferated in recent years, are rapidly gaining power around the world. This study aims to identify the historical and political origins and causes of Islamophobia that threaten the peace of the world. It also aims to determine the methods to be used in the fight against Islamophobia. Islamophobia emerged in the Western world and there are historical, cultural, religional, economical, political and social reasons.

Islamophobia, Discrimination, Christianity, Immigration, Alienation.