Geri Anasayfa



Leadership has been arousing more interest by each passing day. The reason is that leaders are undertaking important roles in all social structures starting from “group” level and reaching up to the “social” level. Both in establishments and also in other social structures, the success or failure are associated with the leader and the leader's behavior is decisive. Therefore, leadership has been an important topic for researchers. Considering the studies in the field; that researchers are generally interested in what are the positive characteristics that make the leader successful but neglected to examine the negative characteristics that make the leader fail. Dark leaderships researches concern leadership effectiveness studied from the reverse angle and deal with the dysfunctional personality of leaders and its effects on his/her decisions and behavior negatively. The purpose of the study is to reveal the dark leadership’s perceptions of hotel employees. The data were collected from an international hotel chain 604 employees by a questionnaire including the ‘Dark Leadership Scale’. The scale was found to be reliable and could be used in Turkish culture. According to the results of the explanatory and confirmatory factor analyzes; the scale is differentiated from the original 5-dimensional state and hotel employees perceived the dark sides of their leaders in 4 dimensions as passive aggressive leadership, narcissistic leadership, paranoid leadership, and compulsive leadership. Furthermore, as a result of the research; it was found that there were significant and low level of relationships between dark leadership and employee age(r= 0,122, p<0,01), education level (r=0,179, p<0,01) and title (r= -0,139, p<0,01).

Leadership, dark leadership, hotel businesses