Geri Anasayfa



The geography of Islam enlarged with the conquests, and a part of The Muslim Arabians dwelled on the reqions which were conquested with the various occasions such as the notification, the guidance and administration. The common language of the New Islam society occurring from the different ethnic groups and The Muslim Arabians was Arabic language. The vast majority caused that the new society which didn’t previously know Arabic were in the effort of speaking Arabic and pronounced the words in mistakes, and it entered into Arabic to make a mistake in reading The Quran. It is said that the first indications of the fact were seen in the period of The Prophet. It led the philologists and administrators to take the precautions as the fact which rapidly spread in Arabic was reflected in Arabians’ speech in time. Thus, the important activities were made in Arabic language and grammar. As a result of the aforementioned activities, the works such as Kitâbu’l-‘Ayn belonging to Halil b. Ahmed (d. 175/791) and el-Kitâb belonging to Sîbeveyh (d. 180/796) occurred. Then, a part of compendius works which took the name of “avamil” were made in order to make Arabic learning easy. First of the booklets with the name of “Avamil” is made to Halil b. Ahmed. Tens of the booklets have been written with this name from his period to today. Avâmil-i Birgivî belonging to Birgiyi Mehmed (d. 981/1573) and Avâmil-i Hilmiyye belonging to Ahmet Hilmi Koği (d.1996) are two of these works. In this study, the comparison was made for two aforementioned booklets. As a result of two booklet’s comparison with the different aspects, the common and different aspects of the aforesaid works were tried to be revealed. Furthermore, the brief information was given about the authors of those booklets.

Arabic Language, Birgivî Mehmed, Ahmet Hilmi Koğî, ‘Avâmil.