Geri Anasayfa



In this study, what is, how it should be done of the control deception, cheating Auditors independent of the control tasks and tricks described his relationship with the control. The aim of the study, 21. century is one of the important functions of the control deception control with independent audit to reveal the relationship between dimensions. To this end, the study of the literature was conducted by editing with. As a result of the literature review and the number of similar studies. Interest in studies of the literature are given in the section named. In the study, in today's world through a variety of resources related to the identification and prevention of cheating cases the requirements of independent control needs to do. Topics explored in the theoretical framework. In particular, an important task in the field of control today, while and after the audited institution controls more effective and efficient measures are necessary for the operation. These measures add value to the institution. The measures are the most important trick is to apply all this to check and drying. To detect errors and cheat, cheat, and cheat again to control the separation of the error function. After the scandal, especially control deception control the importance of control is conceived very well all over the world. As a result, independent audit institutions by reviewing the financial tables to give a guarantee of reliability, while control aimed at mainly focuses on cheating. For these reasons, although a deterrence against independent control deception in matters.

Cheat, Independent, Audit, Standard.