Geri Anasayfa


Investigation of the Materials Prepared by Social Studies Teacher Candidates in Terms of Various Variables

In this research; it is aimed to evaluate the materials that Social Studies teacher candidates have prepared within the scope of “Instructional Technologies and Material Design” course, in terms of various variables. The sample of the research is composed by 180 junior year students of Social Studies Teacher Education who have taken “Instructional Technologies and Material Design” course in Dokuz Eylül University Buca Education Faculty given by the researcher himself in 2012 – 2013 academic year. During the Fall Term, Social Studies teacher candidates designed five materials, presented one of them to the students at a secondary school and videotaped the whole process. The data for this research were collected methods. These data were obtained by examining the photographs and videos of the materials prepared by Social Studies teacher candidates. The data obtained from the research were analyzed according to gender, teaching situation, social sciences, class level and unit variables and various inferences were made for Social Studies teacher candidates’ material designing in social studies teaching.

Social Studies Teacher Candidate, Social Studies Education, Material Design.