Geri Anasayfa


Critical Pedagogy and Participatory Approach in Turkey: Views of Pre-Service ELT Teachers

Although the contemporary history of critical pedagogy and English language teaching methods dates back to 1960s, the implementation and use of critical pedagogy has been hardly used in ELT departments and EFL classroom settings because the principles of critical pedagogy and the commercial desires of global textbooks publishers affected by the status of English as a lingua franca have remained incompatible. The latter has been more prevalent and imposing owing to commercial factors. This study aimed to unravel the views of pre-service ELT teachers (N=39) regarding the topics covered on the agenda released within the last month. Two data collection tools were used to collect data. The first tool was composed of a list of topics that contained social, cultural, religious, political and other risky topics. The second tool was an interview form to elicit the pre-service teachers’ detailed views regarding the inclusion of the topics. The results indicate that the topics shown to the participants were hardly mentioned in ELT classrooms. However, they noted that the inclusion of the topics was necessary in the curriculum of ELT departments in Turkey.

critical pedagogy, participatory approach, pre-service ELT teachers