Geri Anasayfa


The Role of the Terracotta Figurines for Interpreting the Cypriot Religion of the Archaic Period

Archaic Period of Cyprus constitutes the most genuine and richest era of the islands cultural past. The social and cultural structure, as well as the trading and cultural relations of this genuine era, are well attested by archaeological finds and ancient written sources. But our knowledge of this period is somehow insufficient when it comes to interprete and identify the Cypro-Archaic religion, especially concerning its architecture and practices of worship. The present study aims to solve the problem related to the architecture and practices of the Archaic Cypriot religion through the help of terracotta figurines. From this perspective, information obtained through terracottas will be evaluated and the role of the terracottas for interpreting the Archaic religion of Cyprus will be emphasized.

Cypro-Archaic Period, religion, terracotta figurines, architecture, rituals.