Geri Anasayfa


Fuzzy Goal Programming Method for Specification A Production Strategy in Manufacturing Sector

Generally, companies have more than one goal for the real life problems. Some conflicting goals can be existed such as increasing sales and maximizing profits at the same time while labor costs are keeping at minimum level. The main idea of goal programming is transforming all goals which is in model into one single goal. When fundamental philosophy of fuzzy logic has been included to this approach, because of the fuzzy environmental effect had been taken into account, more feasible solutions could be acquired. In this study, for the first section literature research that is about fuzzy goal programming was rewieved, purpose on the study was given in the same chapter. In the second section, production management was explained. In the following section 3, fuzzy logic and goal programming was detailed to be well understood of the structure of mathematical model. At the implementation part; product groups of a chocolate factory was determined and under the current targets and constraints, amount of the production quantities was tried to identify in fuzzy way.

Fuzzy Logic; Fuzzy Goal Programming; Hannan Approach; Production Management