Geri Anasayfa



It is acknowledged that the domination of Arabs in cities and towns such as Manazkert, Khilat, Ardjish, Arcke, Berkri, Arzn, and Amwik in the Van Lake basin and surrounding areas began with the conquest movements made after 638. The conquest movements initiated in the date of 19 (638-639) and 20 (639-640) with Muslim conquerors under the command of Iyad b. Ghanm, towards al-Djazira and Armenia, so they have set foot in the Van Lake basin. Muslims dominated in Armenia and Van Lake basin along with Habib b. Maslama and later commanders and governors appointed for maintaining and administration of the seized places. The Van Lake basin became the emigration area of the Northern Arabs such as Banu Shayban and Banu Sulaym in the administration of the Umayyad and Abbasid. The migration also identified forces that have the right for the management of the Van Lake basin and its surroundings. Therefore, the effects of the northern Arabs increased in the Lake Van basin during the Umayyad and Abbasid administrations, and in the tenth centuries the Abbasid began to lose their power, then independent local emirates emerged in cities including Manazkert, Khilat, Ardjish, Erzen, Berkri. This political situation ended with the intervention of the Hamdanids forces in the tenth century, and the Byzantine and Seljuk emperors in the eleventh century.

Van Lake, Ardjish, Khilat, Berkri, Manazkert, Banu Sulaym, Banu Shayban