Geri Anasayfa


An Evaluation on Osman Efendi’s Life, The Mayor of Cizre and Miran Mustafa Pasha’s Son –in-Law

Historical personages are those who left more or less important marks with their activities. As in the case of Osman Efendi who was in the centre of our study, the historical personages, while they sometimes were influential individuals of their society, were seen that they could increase their influence of their era through an effective authoritarian power, as well. On the other hand, the course of possible events might lead an individual to a conflict with the power and successors that provided him with a specific position. It is possible to state that Osman Efendi, who was in the position of being the son-in-law of Miran Mustafa Pasha, represents such a prototype. The conflict was not between the chieftain of Miran clan and the 48th regiment commander but Abdulkerim Bey who replaced his father following his death in 1902. The clash between the two gave way to difficulties that influenced a certain mass in Cizre, in other words the inhabitant, Osman Efendi and his supporters, on the Kale District, where he was a resident. It is possible to say that distress has gained a large dimension to cover all other people living in the vicinity of Cizre with all the Cizre people. The inhabitants of Cizre and its surroundings have very little knowledge of Osman Efendi. What is known is that he was once the Mayor of Cizre. In this context, in our study, it was aimed to evaluate the life, family and activities of Osman Efendi, who was an important personage in the early 20th century in Cizre.

Osman Efendi, Cizre, Miran Clan, Abdülkerim Bey