Geri Anasayfa


A Research on the Public's View on and Expectations from the New Presidential Government System in the Southeastern Anatolia Region

After a long discussion on the governmental system, Turkey has accepted the proposal of the “presidential government system” in April 16, 2017. Then, with the decision on early elections, the presidential and parliamentary elections held on June 24, 2018, the first organs of the new system were elected. Since then, works on adaptation to the new system have continued with various legal arrangements. It is estimated that the Presidential Government System will have shortcomings and deficiencies. However, it is thought that the solution of the problems can be solved by internal regulations. This study is a scientific research project carried out by a university and it is aimed to measure the public's view on the new system and their expectations from this system. The research has been carried out with randomly selected 1330 people in Southeastern Anatolia Region. It was carried out in this region’s four different provinces which are important in terms of political profiles. The data of the study were analyzed by computer packed programs and the findings were detailed in the research. According to the study, the people in the Southeast want a change related to government system in Turkey, but are undecided about which system would be better. It can be said that the people of the region do not have enough knowledge about the Presidential Government System and they evaluate the system similar to the views of political parties. People living in the region mostly expect political and economic stability from the new system. The findings are given in the result section as substances.

Turkey, Presidential Government System, Southeastern Anatolia Region