Geri Anasayfa



The importance of foundations (Vaqf) in Islamic institutions is enormous. This social assistance institution, which began with the Prophet (Puh.), has been emphasized in all Islamic States and peaked with the Seljuks and especially with the Ottoman Empire. The obvious sign of this is that more than 30 thousand foundations were established in the Ottoman geography. The founders of the foundation began with a great care from the head of state to all layers of society. In terms of quantity, we can see the foundations which wed with amount of cash and immovable property in large quantities and also wed with 30 kuruş (cent) but which have a great meaning. In this study, we have dealt with these foundations which seem to be very limited in economic terms. In doing so, we took the foundations that were established in Sivas in the foundation tradition and which we call small scale in the name of the foundation. We composed main material of our study from Sivas Sharia Registers which in the form of a record that has been transferred to the registry books arranged in classic form and were kept in the State Archives. We have made a list of foundations that we have seen in the record of foundation in about 40 books and examined the contents of the foundation. We have categorized male, female and non-Muslim foundations into tables. We found that the philanthropists of Sivas were very generous in social and personal solidarity. In this study, it was found out that these foundations added a significant amount of cash which is almost 128,966,5 to the economy of Sivas between the years 1779-1895.

Sivas, Foundation (Vaqf), small scale