Geri Anasayfa


The Role of Official History Writing at the National Identity Building Process

Official history writing is an important function of almost every state. The roots of official history writing extend back to ancient times. Especially in the emergence of modern nation states, it has become much more important. Modern nation states attach great importance to establishing their own citizens and attach importance to official history writing. The official historiography used to find the origins of the desired community to be built in the past tries to show that the society tends to gather around a single national identity and on the other hand superior to other societies. Official history writing is used to justify and strengthen the national identity that is built; it does not really care what happened in history. Official historiography does not care much about what happened in history. What is important for them is to collect or match the data they need to create common consciousness. By revealing their official heritages, their successes and their contribution to humanity, they provide the awareness of national identity in the citizens. In this context, it is attempted to ensure the fusion of the enemies of the nations. States, even if they go through a troubled process, give morale to the society with their historiography. It has been said that the successful achievements in history have been made, and that the same achievements can be achieved in the future and that there is necessary accumulation. Reference is also made to the difficult days of the nations and the great hardships they experience. With the rebirth stories, each time a stronger perception of the nation takes place on the stage of history. In this study, it was tried to show how important the writing of official history is in the construction of national identity.

Official History, National Identity, Identity, Official History Writing