Geri Anasayfa


The Issue of Migrants in Turkish Press before the First World War

As a result of the Balkan wars, Greece caused Turkish and Muslim societies to migrate to the areas they live in because of the repressive politics they have carried out under the rule of Macedonia. This migration due to existing balances shaken by tensions between Turkey and Greece, along with distrust from Anatolia to Greece led to the emergence of migration. On the issue of immigration, the Ottoman State commissioned Talat Bey, Minister of Internal Affairs, to take the necessary measures. In the examination result, the allegations put forward by Greece, it has proved to be unfounded, as not make any attacks against the Greek Cypriots of the main causes of migration, in Greece, particularly to Turkey was seen experiencing as a result of the propaganda on the Greek population in other regions. In the researches, it was understood that the pressure and violence of the Greeks on the Turkish-Muslim people in Macedonia and other regions forced Turkish and Islamic communities to migrate in these regions. With the bright promises, or the spread of propaganda on the Greeks in Anatolia Greece caused the Greek population to emigrate. The necessary measures were taken by the Ottoman Government and attempts were made to examine the events by means of the assailant of Athens, Galip Kemali Bey, and the ambassadors of the Great States were informed of the situation. As alleged by the Greek Cypriots regarding the migration of Turkey, Turkey's Greeks had unreal news that Turkey applied pressure and intensity. In fact, Greece oppressed the Muslims of Macedonia. After the successful issue of the islands and to strengthen the navy's undertakings towards Turkey, Greece had some concern. Greece has made some false allegations in order to make her an oppressed people, and wants to secure herself. Greece had demanded the intervention in favor of the Greeks. In this study, pre-First World War period, press on the immigration issue between Turkey and Greece, archival documents and artifacts were tried to be assessed utilizing the copyright tests. It was examined how Greece was trying to influence the thinking of the European people by changing the real causes of the Thracian migration problem and what kinds of news were included in the newspapers. Turkey, on the information given by the embassies of the Great Powers, the difficult situation in the real sector and the violence that saw Macedonian Muslims, as a result of his examination in the region have tried to explain it with the report revealed. It was stated that Greece should be protested because of the behaviors against the Islamic communities. As a result of negotiations between Greece and Turkey, the part of the Turks in Macedonia, Thrace and the Greeks in the Western Anatolia had to be made in exchange for this event, but it did notoccur with the emergence of World War II.

Turkey, Migration, Greece, World War I, Macedonia, Balkan Wars, Bulgaria.