Geri Anasayfa



The subject of this study is the diplomatic relations of Gokturk State with the other states it is in contact with, and the reciprocal envoys that fulfill this task. Gokturk State had been a part of international politics and commerce starting from the day it was established. For this reason, the presence of envoys and their effectual roles attract the attention in terms of establishment of international relations. Since the Gokturks aimed for being powerful not only in terms of military but also in terms of economy, they tried to dominate the commercial routes also known as the Silkroad. This resulted in them to consider financial aspects while selecting and demanding for envoys. Gokturks established relations with the Chinese States and the major financial powers of the period such as the Juan Juan, White Hun, Sasanian, and Byzantine Empires for this reason and for other kinds of reasons. On the other hand, it can be observed that the relations were mostly maintained predominantly with the Chinese during the Second Gokturk Khaganate. While the selection of envoys and these envoys' personalities are critical, there also exist various codes of conduct reciprocally applicable to these characters. It is also possible to observe penalties inflicted on envoys under certain circumstances. Along with their role of establishing political and financial relations, the presence of envoys is also known for attendance at social contexts that also hold a diplomatic value such as the marriage proposals, condolence and funeral rituals. Some envoys, on the other hand, stood out with their acts of espionage.

Envoy, Silkroad, Commerce, Diplomacy, Gök-Türk