Geri Anasayfa



Corporate social responsibility has become a concept that has been taken into consideration in our country towards the end of 1980s.While the studies on the subject were first in the field of private sector, the mission and vision determination task of the institutions in the public sector has become mandatory since the beginning of the 2000s. The purpose of these practices is that the private sector and the public sector are aware of the responsibility of the stakeholders. Thus, these organizations will ensure their sustainability by taking responsibility for both employees and their environment. Therefore, companies will have the opportunity to create a strategic competitive advantage in the medium and long term in the global competition environment. Today, various practices related to corporate social responsibility are also common. This research was carried out on the students and employees attending a university in the Eastern Black Sea Region. The aim of this study is to examine the effects of corporate social responsibility perceptions on corporate perception and dimensions (Emotional Attractiveness, products and services, Vision and Leadership, Workplace environment, social and environmental responsibility, financial performance). As a result of the survey conducted on a total of 328 participants, it was observed that the perceptions of the students and their employees regarding the increase of corporate social responsibility increased significantly and in the same direction, and this relationship was very strong. On the other hand, the participants perceived social and environmental responsibility as more meaningful than corporate social responsibility and corporate social responsibility. they perceived vision and leadership as the least significant in terms of corporate reputation. In addition, there were significant differences between the perceptions of age, gender, seniority, education level and department studied.

Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Reputation, Structural Equation Model