Geri Anasayfa


The Contribution of the Tradesmen to the Ottoman Campaigns and Examples from the Konya Tradesmen in the First Half of the XVIII. Century

The Ottoman army's going on a campaign was an organization that covered very large preparations. With the presence of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, the Ottoman army needed a lot of services in order to survive in long term campaigns. Several officials were used to attend to address these needs. The most important of these were the tradesmen who were called “orducu”. The election of this craftsman group and participation in the campaign was made after a very meticulous work. “Orducu”s who were selected from every tradesman branch at once and registered, kept the continuation of the daily life by acting together with the army. While tradesmen in certain regions were fulfilling this service practically with the army, some tradesmen in other places performing it by paying a fee. One of the places in the second group was the city of Konya. In Konya city, as well as being in many cities of the country, the money collected in the name of the “ordubazar akçesi” was used for the logistical support of the military campaigns. Some troubles and disputes have also arisen during these proceedings and they have been brought to court. The local trades organization also played an important role in the implementation of this system, which was enrolled and carried out in a regular way by the officers. In this study, firstly general information will be given about the tradesman who took part in these campaign organizations. Afterwards, examples will be given from the Konya tradesmen in the first half of the century who performed this service by paying the fee. With the examples which will be given from the “Cadi registries” of Konya, it will be tried to shed light on the operation of the system. Also, with the records of the “imdad-ı seferiye” the amounts which put to the tradesmen’s share will be exposed. Thus, the support which the Ottoman tradesmen had given to the campaigns of the Ottoman army will be tried to explained.

Campaign, tradesmen, Konya, XVIII. Century