Geri Anasayfa


Effectıve and Investıgatıon on Posıtıve Psychologıcal Capacıty Entrepreneurshıp Trends

The entrepreneurship has become important with an increasing trend due to recent economic crises, encountered unemployment problem and other set of problems of business world and relevant researches has increased. Entrepreneurship has become the subject of research of many disciplines due to it has increased importance and its effect on a large field. Interest of disciplines such as Business Administration, Economics, Management continues in entrepreneurship has continued and it is noticed that sociology and behavioral science have given different point of view to entrepreneurial research. In the researches the obstacles to entrepreneurship are determined, the work to be done for the widespread of entrepreneurship cultures are revealed and the factors that are impacted to entrepreneurship are identified. When research on entrepreneurial activity was examined, it is seen that while entrepreneurship is rapidly progressing in some societies, some societies are at a very low level. Researchers state that cultures play an important role in generation of this differences between societies. It is thought that one of the factors that impacts to entrepreneurial activities and its tendency is psychological capital. The aim of this study is investigating the impact of psychological capital on enthusiasm, inventiveness, determination directed to entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial tendency of non-occupational dimensions and examining relationship between them. Within the scope of research, a survey was conducted to 118 entrepreneur candidate and data obtained from the result of survey was evaluated by SPSS 22.0 packaged software. As a result of the research, it was obtained that psychological capital have significant impact on enthusiasm and determination dimensions directed to entrepreneurship of the sub-dimensions of entrepreneurial tendency.

Psychological capital, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship tendency