Geri Anasayfa



This study aims to review the relation between shots and support hand grasping force with shot hit rates on the licensed male basketballers in city of Van. The participants of this study was volunteers of 40 licensed male basketball players who have shooting hands of (dominant) right, aged between 13-17. The participants went through shot and hand grasping force tests and then the effect of shooting hand (dominant) and support hand (non-dominant) on shot hit rates are reviewed. After seeing that the obtained data showed normal distribution, Pearson Correlation Test is applied in order to define the relation between the groups. The mean age of basketballers is found to be 15,15±1,44, mean height is 174,08±9,88 cm and mean weight is 63,07±11,90 kg. The mean of free shot test which basketballers had is measured to be 16,97±5,04. A significant difference is found between shooting hand grasping force and free shot hit rates (p<0,05). However, no significant relation is found between supporting hand grasping force and free shot test (p>0,05). As a result, the fact that the supporting hand grasping force of participating basketball players, which is the hand that keeps the ball in balance for shooting (non-dominant), does not have a significant effect on the shot hit rates (p>0,05), and the fact that the shooting hand of basketballers is the dominant hand and also that force values are significantly different which is not in favor of the non-dominant hand shows that only shooting hand grasping force affects free shot hit rates in basketball, consequently affecting the success of the competition.

Basketball, shooting, handgrip strength