Geri Anasayfa


Some consideration of the claims by Dozy and other orientalists within the context of the History-Islam by Ahmad Hilmi of Filibe

A short time after its appearance, some circles, Abrahamic religions in particular, targeted Islam socially and culturally. Although Islam became well-established and brought rights and justice to where it expanded through the centuries, those circles who adhered to their own traditions and who found their interests in danger went on blacking Islam unjustly. Many works were penned to wipe out Islam and humiliate its prophet. With the appearance of a rationalistic approach to religions in the Age of Enlightenment, all religions including Christianity became the target of criticism, but Islam and its prophet were more severely criticized than the others. Those sticking to traditional approaches in Europe continued to make unjust allegations about Islam and its prophet. One of these people is the Dutch orientalist Dozy who wrote a work about the Islamic prophet and Islam distorting historical facts. The book by Dozy was translated into Turkish by Abdullah Cevdet, causing public indignation in the Ottoman peoples and Islamic world in particular. Ahmad Hilmi of Filibe wrote a book called History-Islam to refute this book, responding to its unjust allegations scientifically. Ahmed Hilmi wrote his refutation to Dozy’s study and his circles basing it not on the Quran and Sunna but the methodology put forth by the Western mind.

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