Geri Anasayfa


An Analysis Based on Siyaq-Sibaq the Verses (36-40) of the Chapter of Al-Ahzab in Tafsir Books

In order to understand the Quran corretly, as well as the historical environment where it has been revealed is supposed to be known, it also should be known which verses have been related to each other and as for what the purpose. This method is called siyaq-sibaq in the exegetics (tafsir) literature. From this viewpoint, it is obvious that many critical studies should be done on the Quran. This article, in this context, is to analyze Ahzab (36-40) verses, and achieve some outstanding results. First of all, in this article, it is to be put forward that the Quranic versus should be understood in harmony with the historical personality of the Messenger of Allah, and interpretations which are contrary to these have nothing to bound up with reality. Approached from this method, it is understood that interpretations which are proposed for Ahzab 37th verse such as the Messenger of Allah coveted his freedman’s wife, encouraged him to

Qur’ân, Siyaq-sibaq, Zaid b. Haritha, Zaynab bnt. Jahsh, Muhammed the Messenger of Allah, Adopted Ch